In Tirupati, there are almost 80,000 of pilgrimseverydayduring normal time and about 1,00,000 pilgrims during peak time,where it becomes tough for the TTD to manage the darshan. There is a queue complex called Vaikuntam Queue Complex for managing the queue complex. It is the entry point of all darshans. It is a semi-circular building which opens into a garden maintained by the TTD. It is separated by the South Madastreet. It has 3 levels and 19 rooms in each level. This is to manage the huge rush of the pilgrims. Each room has the entry (where the pilgrims enter) and an exit (where the pilgrims finally enter into the main Gopuram). Inside the rooms, the TTD provides food, milk,well-maintained sanitary and also medical facilities. Apart from this, CCTV in displayed where music and devotional activities are played for the purposeof distraction of the pilgrims. The entrance to the Queue is managed by the Police, security force and the temple officials. Below are the four types of darshan in Tirupati.